Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Civil War Diary of EPS Hylton

EPS "Uncle Life" Hylton
40th KY Mounted Infantry

Civil War Diary of Lawrence Veteran, Found In a Lock Box of Bank, Relates Military Life In the Union Army In 1864
These were the headlines of an article published in The Big Sandy News in March of 1937. The diary belonged to my g.g.g. grand-uncle Eliphaz Shelton Preston (EPS) Hylton, the twin brother of my Grandmother Anna, and was dictated to his son, Willison P. Hylton, who served in Co. C, 40th KY Mounted Infantry, with his father.

Willison P. Hylton
40th KY Mounted Infantry

The elder Hylton was known as "Uncle Life", and his name so appears in the diary written by his son during their service in the army. After Willison's death, relatives found the diary in his lock box in the Bank of Blaine and consented to having it published in the Big Sandy News.
EPS Hylton's son Nathan P. Hylton was the grandfather of well-known Kentucky poet Jesse Stuart.

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  1. i am the great granddaugther of eliphaz h hylton wifes name is liddie ann hylton (evans) i am looking for any information protaining to his children and grand children

  2. I am a gggg grandaughter of EPS thru his son Nathan & Nathan's son Martin. Above you state that EPS Hylton's brother Nathan P. Hylton was the grandfather of well-known Kentucky poet Jesse Stuart. However, my research shows that EPS himself was actually the great grandfather of Jessie Stuart through his son Nathan's' daughter Martha Hilton Stuart. I was wondering about the source of your information. Thanks so much for posting this incredible diary. I can't wait to read it in depth.

  3. are absolutely right about Nathan, EPS's son (not brother), being Jessie Stuart's grandfather. Thank you for making me aware of my error which I have corrected. I hope you enjoyed the diary.

  4. Thank you for this Anna is my 4th great grandmother this is a treasure to out family!!!