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Cannons or Veterans? The Tragic Story of Joseph K. Dixon

Joseph K. Dixon, 14th Kentucky Infantry (US)
Today's post is a first for this blog...I'm making it available to a dear friend, Val McKenzie, who has been on a most noble, yet disheartening, quest to right a wrong that has been committed several years ago in Paintsville, Kentucky. It involves the burial site of Joseph K. Dixon, a veteran of the 14th Kentucky Infantry (US).

Before posting Val's article, I would like to add some details about his military service as well as his family in hopes of locating a direct descendant of Joseph K. Dixon. Last week was Memorial Day...the day when we remember our veterans and the sacrifices they have made. It pains me to know that the officials in Johnson County seem to have so little regard and respect for a veteran like Joseph K. Dixon who has done so much, not only for this country, but also for Johnson County.

Joseph K. Dixon was born July 2, 1845, the son of Andrew Dixon and Abigail Kelly. In 1860, he was living with his parents in Johnson County, Kentucky. A month after his 18th birthday, Joseph K. Dixon went to Salyersville, Kentucky and was enlisted in Co. F, 14th Kentucky Infantry, by Captain Gardner, on Aug. 1, 1863. He was mustered in as a private on Aug. 30, 1863. He was 6' tall, had blue eyes, light hair and a fair complexion. He was promoted to Corporal on July 20, 1864, by order of Col. George W. Gallup. When the original veterans of the 14th Kentucky Infantry were mustered out on Jan. 31, 1865, he was transferred to the 14th Kentucky Infantry Battalion and served as Sergeant in Co. D. He was mustered out on Sept. 15, 1865, at Louisville, Kentucky. Joseph K. Dixon was an examplary soldier who never missed a day of service while in the 14th Kentucky Infantry. On Aug. 26, 1868, he married Jemima Price, daughter of George Washington Price and Sarah "Sallie" Borders.

Children of Joseph and Jemima Dixon
Carl Dixon - died at Frankfort
Fannie Dixon
Victoria Dixon - married Ben A. Preston
Lena Dixon - married a Maxey
Edna Irl Dixon - married Preston Mandalin
Hazel Dixon - married Jillson H. Botts
Gladys Dixon - married F. E. Thompson, Feb 10,1927
Kirker Dixon - lived in Indiana
Ike Dixon - married ? and lived in Indiana
Evert Dixon

Mr. and Mrs Dixon lived for a long time at Paintsville, where Mr. Dixon held many public offices, including that of judge of Johnson County. During his tenure, a court house was built, and Dixon was instrumental in building it over the protest of the public, who claimed it was too large and magnificent for the needs of the county. Mr. Dixon was right, however, as the building became too small to acccommodate handling the official affairs of the county. Mr Dixon served as an officer in the Spanish-American War, assistant arsenal keeper in Frankfort as well as Adjutant General of Kentucky. He was also very involved with the G.A.R. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon spent the last few years of their lives at Louisville, Kentucky, where Joseph K. Dixon died on November 3, 1923. He was buried in the Old Town Cemetery in Paintsville....and here is were the tragedy begins...

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