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1894 Civil War Veterans Reunion in Paintsville

On September 28, 1894, a group of Civil War veterans gathered for a reunion at Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky. One of the day's featured attractions was CS General Humphrey Marshall's famed Williams Rapid Fire Gun that had been secreted from Marshall's camp in Ivyton, Magoffin County, on March 20, 1863, by Captain Reuben Patrick. Roaming through the sleeping camp, Patrick quietly unscrewed the 150 pound cannon from its frame, lifted it from its carriage and carried it into the nearby woods were he carefully camouflaging it with leaves. He later retrieved the cannon and brought it into the Union camp at Louisa.

After being stored in the arsenal at Frankfort for 30 years, the cannon was brought back to Eastern Kentucky by Captain Patrick. On September 28, 1894, Captain Patrick and local Civil War veterans proudly posed with their trophy. Johnson County Judge Joseph K. Dixon would also have the cannon brought to Paintsville for 4th of July celebrations. It is now on display at the Kentucky Military Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Listed below are the Civil War veterans who have been identified up to this point. The photograph was found stored in a trunk in the attic of the home originally owned by Lt. Andrew J. Fox (standing on the right in the front row).  The house was torn down when Rt. US 23 was relocated.  It is now in the possession of a gg-grandson.

If you are able to identify the remaining unknown veterans, please let us know. Many thanks to Val McKenzie who graciously made this photograph available.

Front Row L-R

1. Andrew J. Fox, 1. Lieutenant, Co. K, 14th KY Infantry

2. William L. Ball, Sergeant, Co. D, 14th KY Infantry


4. Reuben Patrick, Captain, Home Guard/Secret Service

5. Elijah H. Judd, Private, Co. D, 39th KY Infantry


7. Wyatt Martin, Private, Co. F, 39th KY Infantry

8. Joseph K. Dixon, Corporal/Sergeant, Co. F/D, 14th KY Infantry

Back Row L-R




4. Isaac Dixon, Private, Co. I/B, 14th KY Infantry


6. James Lee Wheeler, Private, Co. B, 14th KY Infantry

7. Joel D. Long, Corporal, Co. B, 39th KY Infantry

8. George McKenzie, Corporal, Co. G, 14th KY Infantry

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